I have been even more aware lately, of just how much junk is in products that are made for little ones.  Recently  I did some research at a few of my local markets and stores that sell “natural” products for kids.  I looked at body wash, shampoo, lotions, diaper creams etc. It turns out that close to 80% of them STILL contained chemicals that were either unsafe or unrecognizable.  And these are the products that are supposed to be safer for our littles….geez louise…this is frustrating!  If you take a close look at the ingredients in regular products that are being sold in grocery & drug stores for little ones your eyes nearly catch on fire due to the hazardous ingredients!! But ya know, as much as I dislike it…I expect that…..it’s the ones that call themselves “safe” & “natural” and  lead folks on that get me.  How is one suppose to know whats what? How is one suppose to know that what they are slathering on their little is non toxic and safe???

I think the only thing we can do is RESEARCH. Talk to people who also do research. Link ourselves to networks of parents & peeps that seek the truth about whats in our beauty products, food, vitamins etc.  SHARE…. Share your info with everyone else. The more we talk about it, the more others will start to demand the truth & only accept products that are clean. Let’s give those green washers the squeeze out!! It’s not cool.  The reason we strive for natural clean products, is so we can keep our toxin loads down….especially for our littles ;) SO lets not except those “almost” natural & chemical free products….let’s settle for nothing less than the best!! I’m sure your little deserves it….I know mine does.