Hello Lovely Kept followers.

Its a been a while.  We have been super busy here. Preparing to launch our new product, having our very own small human (our baby boy Karras) and trying to enjoy our summer!

We have recently gotten our products all approved by health Canada and are currently being shipped from the formulators as we speak. All of us here at Kept are waiting so patientlyto get that product in our hands already!!

I have been looking around at many different “natural” product lines that are on the market right now and not to toot Kept’s horn but uh…..TOOT TOOT….We are one of very very VERY few that is completely chemical free, does not contain harsh preservatives and actually HAVE real Organic ingredients. Those of you who really know your stuff and truly care about putting the least amount of toxins on your body realize the importance of the above statements. Those of you that maybe don’t know too much about it?……Stick with us Kids…we got the 411 on what’s good, why its good and why the heck you NEED it!

Please stay tuned for our bad hair blog. I swear its coming soon and good Lord is it funny.

Ok y’all until next time…….Keep it Healthy and Keep you’self Kept