Are you someone who likes to take care of themselves? Use only the most unique and fab products to keep yourself looking fine? But possibly you might be worried about what is in those products?

Not only do we believe in looking great….we also believe in feeling great. Our products are Organic & free of any nasty chemicals. Anything you will find on this website is made or found with love! We only want the best of the best for our KEPT ladies & Gents.

Kept Non-Toxic Beauty is providing a choice when it comes to beauty products.  Chemicals create an abundance of toxins in the body that can eventually lead to poor health & disease. It can even cause your body to hang on to unwanted extra weight!! The abundance of chemicals that are used in hair products on the market today are completely unnecessary. We have a variety of unique hair products that are made with Organic, non toxic, all natural ingredients.  These components actually repair your hair from the inside out, helping hair to return to its natural healthy state.  Kept’s formula’s are the first of their kind…Salon grade quality products that are actually healthy for you!