Yippity-dee! Our beautiful Kept hair product is in our hot little hands. And Imma telling ya it smells SOOOO good. Our creamsicle scented styling products are to die!

My momma, my bestie & I are all in lurv with Kept Revived Blow Dry Serum. But What is it you ask? Just that a Blow DRY serum. Soooo basically its a nice little serum that goes on before you blow dry. It feels light & seamless in your hair & creates volume but smooths like a heaver product would. It also gives your hair that protection it needs from heating tools.  Thats right…its MAGICAL!  Pretty much everything you ever needed in a pre blow dry product

Just one of MANY Organic fantastical hair preparations from Kept ;)

Oh and the best part IS…..its NON-Toxic….YAY for that & YAY for Kept………..GOODDAY.